Upskilling organisations & their people
to manage an increasingly complex world

PWFL Training provides innovative skill development approaches for people training, advancing organisational resilience in a digital-first world.

We work with organisations who are serious about upskilling their people as the smart way to futureproof their organisation. Using our pioneering, cutting-edge impact measurement approaches, we ensure excellence in learning and development, delivering demonstrable value to individuals and organisations.

About Us

We enable organisations to become more resilient, effective and adaptive in managing hybrid workforces, by providing the bespoke tools to understand and address the unique people needs emerging within your organisation.

PWFL Training provides organisations with a unique approach to learning and development, using immersive, experiential and game-based methods. We uniquely deliver end-to-end skill development and measurement. Our innovative methods ensure higher efficiency and increased engagement for your employees, while our research-driven, in-game measurements provide your organisation with valuable workforce insights, along with evidence that training is working. Our methodology results in improved employee engagement and retention, stronger company culture and greater resilience throughout your organisation.


The urgent need to innovate workplace skills training

As automation and technology change workplace requirements, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. But 75% of current workplace training is ineffective, and 85% is forgotten after 14 days. This contributes to the 63% of employees who feel disengaged and unmotivated at work and the 15.4 million days a year lost to work-related stress and mental health issues.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital-first workplace, dissolving established organisational culture and creating complexities of hybrid workforces. This presents an opportunity to stop, take stock and review organisational culture and values, and what these mean for establishing new employee practices, skills and competencies. Measuring and developing the skills needed to manage the complexity of a technology-driven era is essential for companies wanting to be resilient, adaptive and sustainable, and to recruit, retain and invest in staff to improve engagement, wellbeing and productivity. Our approach ensures long-lasting impact and that skills development is embedded into everyday workplace practice, ensuring organisations and their people are prepared for the hybrid, digital-first workplace.

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Our Services

PWFL Training offers a range of bespoke services


Skill Assessments

Innovative, game-based measurement to understand organisational skill gaps


Skill development

Immersive, experiential skill development, leading to long-term change


Immersive workshops

Immersive workshops build teams, communication & wellbeing, embedding learning


Impact Evaluations

In-depth evaluations by psychologists that measure and identify actual impact


Bespoke programmes

Designed by psychologists, experiential, bespoke programmes guarantee transformation



Rigorous analysis of your organisation’s current L&D practice and needs



Research-driven assessment of performance against skill standards


Gamified surveys

Bespoke, white-labelled gamified surveys guarantee engagement which delivers richer insights

We create bespoke, immersive training programmes.

Tell us what change your organisation needs and we will design a bespoke programme that delivers it. We even measure and evaluate the impact on your organisation.

Our bespoke programmes train your staff through immersive, project-based learning, meaning the training immediately embeds the desired change and transformation within your organisation, upskilling staff in the process. All programmes use evaluation-by-design, ensuring the organisation can evaluate and understand the impact and ROI.

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Why game-based, immersive learning compared to traditional approaches?

We all know that learning-by-doing is the most effective way to learn. We also know that game-based approaches break down barriers, start conversations and facilitate actual behaviour. This means measuring skills within game-based contexts provides more accurate assessments compared to traditional, questionnaire-based approaches.

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    % Info retained compared to 5% in traditional approaches
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    % Higher increases in confidence

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    % Higher engagement levels
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    % Improvements in conceptual knowledge